Pablo Serret de Ena

Pablo Serret de Ena

Artist originally selected by Armengol, David at 2011
This is a 2020 content update

Pablo Serret de Ena lives and works between Spain and Denmark, mixing in his projects genres and disciplines (from video to installation, sound art, editorial intervention, photography... even graphic design) mainly around themes as margins, pioneerism, identity, power, daily politics, transit or error... among others.

In the majority of his projects, processes arise at the same level than results and the audience tend to be part of the artwork, completing, participating from it or even as part of a big game. There is therefore, an understanding of art as a shared experience; a place (a square) to gain from the dialogue between people and their (our) contexts.

Even he finished his art studies years earlier, came back in 2008 to fully develop and exhibit art projects and workshops in countries like Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Romania, Holland, Mexico, Greece, USA, France, Portugal, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Morocco, W.Sahara... and works everyday hard and happy to grow this way; and this could be a "statement" under permanent construction...


Pablo Serret de Ena



2002 UIAH University of Art & Design Helsinki Finland
Art & MediaLab Departments. Erasmus Scholarship

2002/1997 UCM Fine Arts Bachelors Degree (5 years)
UCM Universidad Complutense Madrid

1995 Parsons School of Design Drawing Course NYC, USA

1997/act. Different courses and workshops in Art, Illustration, Media tools and art practice. CA2M, La Casa Encendida, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Matadero, Metrópolis…








Politics / Poetics "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Poetry in April. DePaul University Depaul Loop Campus, Chicago. USA

(Re) Final Countdown
Who Makes Europe #3 Gdanska Galeria Miejska. Gdansk, POLAND

Future Camouflage Outdoor Installation
Vadehavsfestival, Vadehavet National Park DENMARK

Digital Vertical Gardens Video Installation
MediaLab Prado, Madrid SPAIN

IWCS Weird Brooklyn Collective Collage Exhibition
The Invisible Dog Brooklyn NYC, USA

The Weird Book No.2 Publication
IWCS The Weird Press, SPAIN

Open Views #2 Video Installation
Vector Cultural, Madrid SPAIN

Politics / Poetics "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
La Paternal Espacio Proyecto, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA

Politics / Poetics "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Festival FUSO Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado - MNAC. Lisboa PORTUGAL

Politics / Poetics "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
I Jornadas de Frontera Sur Melilla, Campamento Ceti, Melilla SPAIN

¡Volumen! Festival de Culturas Sonoras Installation
La Casa Encendida, Madrid SPAIN

Domestica Photography
Collective Exhibition, Barcelona SPAIN

The Final Countdown Exhibition
Who Makes Europe II. Städtische Galerie Bremen, GERMANY



Sonic Skate Sâo Paulo Event
Verve Cultural, Av. Paulista 1313 Sâo Paulo, BRAZIL

Presente Continuo Video
Villamanuela Festival, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid SPAIN

No Man is an Island 3 months Video exhibition
MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Digital Facade. Zagreb, CROATIA

The Final Countdown Exhibition
Who Makes Europe II. Städtische Galerie Bremen, GERMANY

Überdrome Residence and Exhibition
Who Makes Europe. Matadero Madrid, SPAIN

Disparched for Printed Matter, Inc. Selected by Max Schumann
Catalogue & NYC Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1 NYC, USA

Leyendas de Combate Exhibition (w/ Antoni Hervas)
Dafo Space Lleida, SPAIN

IWCS Weird Berlin Collective Collage Exhibition
Tête Gallery. Berlin, GERMANY

Sonic Skate Plaza Workshop
MediaLab Prado Madrid SPAIN

Sonic Skate Plaza Event
Invited by Connecting Cities, Madrid SPAIN

Excerpts from Las Cumbres Video Screening
Curator's Network Open Air video-art Sessions Matadero Madrid SPAIN

Pan-O-Rama Publications Photo Book
Ed. Pan-O-Rama, SPAIN

IWCS Weird San Jose Collective Collage Exhibition
Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo. San Jose, COSTA RICA

Picnic Sessions - 143 Delicias "I Walk with God" Video
CA2M Madrid, SPAIN

Just Mad 4 "I Walk with God" Video
JustMad Off Gallery Madrid, SPAIN

IWCS Weird Quito Collective Collage Exhibition
Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (ant. Hospital Militar). Quito, ECUADOR

Archimobile NYC Work Selected by Andrea Hill, Paddle8
Independent Curators International Hub, TEMP 57 NYC, USA

Revolutum Acapulco "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Ixcateopan Gallery Acapulco, MEXICO

Fonland Festival "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Fonland Festival Coimbra, PORTUGAL

Festival Oodaaq "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Festival Oodaaq Rennes, FRANCE

Se Alquila Mercado "Excerpts from Las Cumbres" Video
Mercado de La Cebada Madrid, SPAIN

Tables de l’intèret composé des annuitès... de l’artiste
Artist’s Book. Biblioteca Intervenida. Dafo Space, Lleida SPAIN

Eclipse Collaborative Project (with Nacho Torra)
Video loops and Editorial Madrid, SPAIN

Danza Macabra Editorial Project
Rubenimichi Madrid, SPAIN



MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Artist in Residence. Zagreb, CROATIA

Archimobile NYC Work Selected
Independent Curators International Hub, TEMP 57 New York USA

Atlas. Project of a Wooden Boat Vol.2 Collage and Map Intervention
(w/ Tito perz Mora) Dear Project. Madrid SPAIN

Las Cumbres Video Exhibition and Workshop
Temps d’images Festival
Fabrica di Pensula Cluj, ROMANIA

IWCS WEIRD Lima Collective Collage Exhibition
Galería Domingo. Lima, PERU

I Walk with God Video Installation
BYOB Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen DENMARK

Gravity, I’ts the Law Video Installation
BYOB Stäppelbaden, Malmö SWEDEN

The Morning After… Video
Then Next Greece, #0000FF Gallery, GREECE

Las Cumbres Video
LOOP Festival Barcelona SPAIN

La Dichosa Marabunta… Intervention
Picnic Sessions. CA2M Madrid SPAIN

ChulaVista Video
In-Sonora VII Festival. Off Limits Madrid SPAIN

El Ultimo Minuto del Ultimo Verano Illustration
El Ultimo Verano. Watdafac Gallery, Madrid SPAIN

Tables de l’intèret composé des annuitès... de l’artiste
Artist’s Book. Biblioteca Intervenida. Centro Torrente Ballester Ferrol SPAIN


Las Cumbres Video Installation
Prize Grant & Scholarship. GENERACIÓN 2011
Obra Social Caja Madrid. Casa Encendida Madrid SPAIN
Espai Cultural CM Barcelona, Espacio Arte CM Zaragoza SPAIN

ChvlaVista Collaborative Sound Installation in transit
Malmö, Copenhaguen, Berlin & Valencia

An Inconvenient Approach to the Inner State... Sound Installation
INEDITOS 2011 OS CajaMadrid. Casa Encendida, Madrid SPAIN

Tables de l’intèret composé des annuitès... de l’artiste
Artist’s Book. Biblioteca Intervenida. Desvelarte, Museo de Arte Moderno
y Contemp. Santander y Cantabria. Ingràvid de Figueras. Espacio F, Madrid SPAIN

Punto de Fuga Video Installation
Galerías. La Cárcel Centro de Creación, Segovia SPAIN

In-Sonora VI Festival. Off Limits Madrid SPAIN



Creator’s Archive Matadero
Selected by David Armengol, Central Matadero, Madrid SPAIN

Acoustic Parabole Sound Installation and Workshop.
Selection Manifesta 8, Murcia SPAIN

Altavoz Saharaui Sound Installation and Performance
Selection Artifariti, Tifariti Western Sahara SAHARA

An Inconvenient Approach to the Inner State of a Firewall
Sound Installation, Performance and Residency
IDFX/ Interference. Centrum Voor Beeldcultuure
and outer locations Breda, NETHERLANDS

M.A.D.R.E. Interactive Sound Installation
Digital Encounters CdeC Centro de Arte Complutense, Madrid SPAIN

Juventud Infinita Installation and Video
Sala de Arte Joven Avenida América, Madrid SPAIN

Acoustic Cannons Interactive Sound Installation
Arte Sonoro Off, Casa Encendida. Espacio Espora and city circuit SPAIN

Victoria Cruda Collaborative Textil Art Piece
Estoril Fashion Art Festival, PORTUGAL



Secular Megaphones Sound Installation, Workshop
and Residency. Saout Festival, Tetouan, MOROCCO

An Inconvenient Approach to the Inner State of a Firewall
Sound Installation. InSonora V. Galería Off Limits, Madrid SPAIN

4’33” Performance
La Noche en Blanco. Escuela Música Creativa, Madrid SPAIN

Generation of the 2000 Effect Illustration
Espacio8, Madrid. Apetit Gallery, Bilbao. Miscelanea & Ras, Barcelona.
Neurotitan & BOX32, Berlín. Espai Escénic L’Escorxador, Elche SPAIN

Analogic Process Unit I&II Illustration
D-Fest, Matadero Madrid SPAIN

Greedy Editorial Intervention
PHE09 PhotoEspaña, Campus Ed. de Libros. CA2M Móstoles, Madrid SPAIN



I Shot the Sheriff Photo Series
Selection Descubrimientos PHE08 PhotoEspaña. Complejo El Aguila, Madrid SPAIN

Vs. Live Performance
UCLM, Albacete SPAIN


2006 / Previous

Ruido digital piece on loop. Decibelio Fest, Madrid SPAIN
Sin Título Digital art Pixelia, Museo Provincial de Lugo SPAIN
G.A.F.A. Poster Intervention. Helsinki, FINLAND
Drawings Final Exhibition Parsons School of Design NYC USA




2012 Las Cumbres de Cluj
fabrica di Pensule, Cluj-Napoca ROMANIA

2012 The (ex) disasters of me
Fontänhuset, Malmö SWE

2010 Violent Ventilators Collaborative Sound Installation
Experimenta, La Casa Encendida Madrid SPAIN

2010 Rectifica! Altera! Manipula!
Editorial Intervention. UCLM Cuenca, Fine Arts SPAIN

2010/08 Identity & Visual Communication
IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid SPAIN

2009 Acoustic Parabole
Collaborative Sound Installation
Institute des Beaux Arts Tetouan, MOROCCO

2009 Crash Process and Installation
IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid SPAIN

2008 Giganto Kataklaaang Orchestra
Process and Sound Performance IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid SPAIN

2008 QQMQ A Love workshop
Intervention, Installation and Performance IED European Design Labs, Madrid SPAIN 

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