Félix Fernández

Félix Fernández

Artist originally selected by Blas, Susana at 2010
This is a 2021 content update

I started working on contemporary art 13 years ago exploring my self-biography, with narrations very focused in my life´s experiences and in my identity´s characteristics.

This self-referencial works started to combine with the simbolic use of objects, actions and scenes to talk about concepts and more abstracts process as are perfection, desire, creation, contemplative states …

My interest on the contemporary individuals´ relationship with the environment they find themselves in (time, space, body, identity, socioeconomic situation, landscape, mass media, etc.) pass to a first plane, making the autobiography becomes more secondary. I started to embody other built identities, where the fiction breaks through to comunicate more global ideas as they are the social control from the state, authority, rebellion and maladjustment. I´m very interested by to review archetypal figures, old and contemporary myths, with the intention of giving a new focus, updating them, making that their message be adapted to our time. The body plays a key role in his work and he often features himself.

Formally I use a wide range of different formats and I create hybrids between photography and performance, audiovisual shows, installations, videos, drawings, etc.